Matching innovations with the market. And the other way around.

Lionate BV

Lionate matches innovative companies with organisations that benefit from the innovations.

Working field

Lionate's range of experience includes the following fields.

  • Innovations in Medical technology, particularly in rehabilitation and top sports
  • Innovations in Healthy Aging and Functional Aging
  • Innovations in Mechanics and Transportation
  • Middle East, Germany, Benelux, United Kingdom, Australia and more

Lionate has experience in acting on different levels within both large and small organisations.

Especially the combination of these experiences and expertises is unique and very valuable for a good matchmaking process. Where effective, the Lionate network - with marketing colleagues around the globe - is utilised for extra expertise.

Win-Win situation

Lionate assists in particular:

  • Organisations in finding and qualifying innovations on the market that suit their needs
  • Innovative companies to get introduced into new markets

Although the expression ‘win-win’ itself may sound dated, the principles behind it are still valid. A match works best if all parties benefit from it in their own way. Therefore Lionate sets a high value on the win-win aspect of the match.

Lionate working method

For the matchmaking processes, Lionate provides

  • expertise
  • temporary capacity
  • decision support

Depending on the situation, several stages can be distinguished in a matchmaking process. These stages can include

  • market research and feasibility study
  • finding, qualifying and contracting local partners (e.g. distributors)
  • sales of the first products and/or services

For each project, Lionate defines the stages together with the customer. In a typical agreement the execution of one stage does not oblige either party to carry out the succeeding stage.